New Year’s Resolutions

We enjoyed Christmas dinner so much that my New Year’s Resolution is to have dinner in the formal dining room from now on.  In European fashion, we shall dine promptly at seven.  This will give Robert time to change into dress clothes for dinner.  Our manservant, Bennington, will serve a gourmet meal each evening including a fine wine, appetizer and dessert.  Yes.  This is my plan.

What?  You don’t believe me?  Well, then you know me too well.  Our real New Year’s Resolution is much more practical.  And it doesn’t involve eating.  Instead we are going to go back in time about three years and catch up on something important.  Things that happened before I was diagnosed were sneaky.  I was tired a lot and took a nap almost every afternoon.  Matthew and I would sit down to watch one of his shows and I’d immediately fall asleep . Before I knew it our exercise program had slowed to a snail’s crawl. But because it happened so gradually we didn’t realize there was a problem.  It was not until after the diagnosis and surgery that Mom reminded me she had told me something was wrong (note to all: Listen to your mother.)

According to Matthew: The secret to walking nowhere
is to have great distracting television!

That was then and this is now.  Today I am recovered from all that but realized that both Matthew and I became used to a pretty sedentary lifestyle.  So our real New Year’s Resolution is to get back into shape.  As soon as we took down the Christmas decorations we brought in the treadmill from it’s dusty retirement in the garage.

It’s almost the end of the month and we’ve been pretty faithful using it.  We’ve gotten into the routine of getting on the treadmill first thing.   I discovered that Matthew is much more agreeable to walking if he can be distracted by television.  It works out well that Matlock and Andy Griffith are both on first thing in the morning.  The treadmill has a ‘Hill’ program that automatically increases the incline as we walk.  We’re not to the running stage…and, honestly, we’re not that keen on running (unless there’s a fire…or tidal wave…)  I haven’t told Matthew yet, but our goal is to become fit enough that we can hike down into the Grand Canyon.  I think we can do it.

So, now you know…the fancy dining and cloth napkins are already by the wayside.  We’ll save them for company.  Besides, the Bennington won’t stay past five.