Sama in Salt Lake

If I could choose a second daughter it would be the vivacious, lovely and talented Sama Kamal. She is Rebecca’s roommate in medical school and we have so enjoyed getting to know her. We were excited when we learned that Sama would be in Salt Lake City this summer doing research and that we would be able to see her.

Salt Lake is the end of another chapter on our journey. Our original plans called for Bob to fly back home from Calgary, Alberta but when he pouted so much about missing too many days of our adventure we figured out that if we stretched his vacation to end late Sunday we could actually come in to the States before he would need to return to work. SLC turned out to be the closest big city and so Bob’s end point.

With our still queasy stomachs we decided to just head into the city and just lie around at the hotel. But that didn’t last long after we discovered we were just down the street from the big LDS Temple. We’re not Mormon but we do appreciate other religions and took advantage of our close location. Anyone can walk on the grounds and admire the exterior of the temple and its gardens but only Mormons in good standing are allowed inside the temple but they had beautiful model displays of the interior. I wouldn’t say the interior models were ornate because that has a kind of negative connotation but I would say they were very impressive and certainly a quality befitting the religious setting. (Bob thought they used too much gold but I reminded him of the Russian Orthodox church I used to work in and how much gold and silver was used to adorn the many church icons.)north to alaska 186

north to alaska 206

When you see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir they are sitting just in front of these huge pipes.

We were also very excited to learn that not only would we be able to visit inside the Tabernacle but that they were holding a Pops concert with the Utah National Guard band. I love pops concerts. So we ate dinner and then returned for the concert which was a combination of patriotic and popular US composers’ music. As you can imagine, Matthew was most excited when he heard the themes from both Star Wars and Superman.

Someone told Bob and Rebecca that it wouldn’t rain and I have to tell you I cursed them as we speed walked the mile back to the hotel…through the downpour…

north to alaska 008

My three kids!

Today we picked up Sama and after breakfast visited the University of Utah’s Natural History Museum. It seemed like a pretty new museum and of course, Matthew’s favorite part was the gigantic dinosaur skeletons. (He loves dinosaurs but is always very sad because they are ‘dead’. I remind him that we would be scared if they were alive and chasing us but to no avail.)  Anyway, after a fun filled day we took Sam back to her home away from home and then took Bob to the airport.

It’s a lot quieter at the hotel room tonight.

Tomorrow we are driving the scenic route to Bryce and Zion National Parks.