To Yellowstone and Beyond!

Some of you are wondering how long we will be on the road. Some of you are wondering if we will ever end this trip. I’ve been starting to wonder this too…

Well, lucky for you today we’ll actually cover three days in one. And for good reason.

Mr. Chernich and his youngest with former student Rebecca.

Mr. Chernich and his youngest with former student Rebecca.

Our day began well. We visited Rebecca’s high school teacher, Mr. Chernich in Montana. His wife is a primary care physician and the family is planning a major move to Fairbanks, Alaska. As you can imagine, we had much to talk about since we just came from that direction.

It wasn’t until after we left headed for Yellowstone that the day went to pot. It began with a familiar sound: Eerrpppp… We’ve heard this many times before. Matthew was sick. He continued to be sick all the way to Yellowstone and by then Bob also was complaining he did not feel good.

Two sick guys put a crimp on our plans to find a camp site as we decided the smart move would be to stay at the park’s edge in a hotel. Fortunately, by morning both were somewhat better and we headed into Yellowstone. Unfortunately, everybody and his brother now had arrived in the park and all the campgrounds were full. Uh oh.north to alaska 015

Yellowstone National Park is such a unique place. The geysers and paint pots impressed everyone and we loved the amazing blue and orange of the steaming pools that dotted the countryside. We saw lots of bison, including this one, who was just waiting for us to come by for pictures.north to alaska 098

After getting caught in a fast moving rain storm we dried out waiting for Old Faithful to erupt (which it did, right on time, thereby keeping its nickname safe.)north to alaska 126

We planned to stay in another hotel on the edge of the park but it appeared the sudden rain might have changed the plans of campers and by the time we left, all the hotels within 100 miles were filled. I tried to convince Bob that we could actually sleep in the truck but he was determined to find us a room. And good thing too. Just as we were checking in I realized I might not have escaped the germs and joined the ranks of the sick people. For a while Rebecca sat in smugness as she was sure her good hand washing technique had saved her. But it didn’t.

So we spent two days in Blackfoot, Idaho. Rebecca and I felt sorry for ourselves and slept while Bob and Matthew discovered this town had a potato museum.100_1790

There you have it. Three days, two of which didn’t amount to a hill of beans. But tomorrow we are on our way into the beautiful Salt Lake City and will spend a day with Rebecca’s roommate.