What’s on Your TV?

As anyone who has spent more than thirty seconds around Matthew knows, he likes television. He religiously carries around his TV Guide reading and searching it until it is thread bare. In Matthew’s mind, any TV is better than no TV.

Being mom and head authority over the remote I am allowed, though grudgingly, to limit television time and to help choose what ‘we’ watch. Our family has some rules that may be unique to us and we limit viewing to family friendly shows. Sometimes it’s a challenge to find appropriate television that is not a cartoon (yes, low on my list is Sponge Bob.)

This week we were waiting at the doctor’s office and Matthew found a magazine with the new fall lineup. We don’t want to miss out on a possible good show so he and I spent an hour carefully looking through each day’s schedule. We found one new pilot that he thought might be good—something Shield; it’s about some superhero Avenger-type guys.


The new fall lineup. Thank goodness Leroy Jethro Gibbs is still on.

One show out of an entire seven days. And for what it’s worth, he watched about twenty minutes of before handing me the remote to return to an old standby, NCIS.

But never fear, we are not without television shows to watch; including many we haven’t seen before.

That’s because we discovered some good family shows down on the religious channels. We are watching old Westerns including the High Chaparral and Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman along with some really old black and white shows like Roy Rogers.  (Feminists should love the independent minded Dale Evans who has become my hero.) These shows are found on the INSP channel which, to my surprise, advertises they have been offering this kind of programming for ten years. Down on the BYU channel we have found Doc (Matthew loves Billy Ray Cyrus) and Sue Thomas, FBEye. I also discovered they have some great live action history shows that, were we still homeschooling, we would certainly schedule time for. Now that we actually watch these channels schedule we have found that many offer great family movies, including some of the old Disney specials.

One thing I personally find positive is that when we are watching these channels I don’t have to worry about being offended, or having my folks who might have joined us, be offended by the commercials.


It is not without noting the irony of watching an old black and white television show on a new HD TV. But Matthew doesn’t care. He is happy to stand next to Roy Rogers!

Bob mentioned that we were watching some of these channels to some of the guys at work and one friend shuddered telling him that only old people watch these shows. I beg to differ. Just because a program isn’t new doesn’t mean younger people won’t find it entertaining. I know for sure if Rebecca had any free time she would be scheduling the series Christy which will be starting next month. And you certainly don’t have to be old to enjoy the BYU new series Granite Flats, a compelling mystery adventure.

Folks looking for family friendly television, who aren’t so keen on the questionable humor and often degrading conversation found in many of today’s sitcoms may find some of these older shows to be uplifting.

The shows we have been watching do not promote any specific religion but we’ve noticed most do portray a more civilized society. In the age of Honey BooBoo, it’s a refreshing change.

PS Some may wish to tell me that NCIS is a particularly violent show and I agree it’s not appropriate for young children, maybe even older children. But, as the Grail Knight said to Indiana Jones, “You must choose. Choose wisely.” Four-year-olds may impacted differently than teens. Be a parent and make good choices.

PPS… Matthew and I are on the road this week. It’s a super mission. We’ll tell you about it very soon!