The Kenai Peninsula and Life Off the Grid

Dear readers,
It may be that some do not realize this is being posted in a time delay fashion. No I am not really on the Kenai Peninsula today. Actually (and this is just for you burglar wanna-be’s) I am more likely home today, cross stitching my new ‘Right to BEAR Arms’ with patriotic red, white and blue colors, wall hanging.
Oh, and Happy Birthday America! We are free because of the brave.


Here we are with Dean and Saki. Doesn’t Dean just fit the picture of an Alaskan?

This morning we were able to more clearly see the view from Dean and Saki’s house. The one with the million dollar view. What I didn’t mention yesterday is that two years ago a tremendous storm washed away 60 feet of their property…Right up to the front door. Today their homes literally stands at the edge of a 500 foot cliff. The picture below shows their front porch. They have the materials and a plan to reinforce the rest of the shoreline to hopefully keep their home out of the ocean. But…it’s a relentless ocean.

The view down from Dean's window. An easy 500 feet...straight down.

The view down from Dean’s window. An easy 500 feet…straight down.

We left Kenai and followed the coast south. The land was treed with both deciduous and evergreen trees and there were a few small farms sprinkled along the road. As we were passing through one small town we spotted a moose and her two babies. Munching on grass. Right next to the library. So cute.north to alaska 073We had one more sister to visit. Nora and Paul have chosen to live off the grid. We drove to the end of the road…and then turned left to reach their house. They are building their home from the ground up and each year add something major. This summer it will be a septic system. They also raise chickens and geese and Nora is going to start making goat cheese from her goats. Modern day pioneers.

Nora and Paul's home. Got it closed up last year, but still working on it. Notice the satellite receivers. Being off the grid does not mean not modern.

Nora and Paul’s home. Got it closed up last year, but still working on it. Notice the satellite receivers. Being off the grid does not mean not modern.

After our visit, we drove the extra few miles into Homer so we could all see the famous Homer Spit. I’m told it’s the second largest spit in the world. (If you don’t know what a spit is, I’ll let you look it up.) But I’ll share a picture as a clue.

north to alaska 099

Homer Spit. See it?

Then reversing our trip we followed the blue Kenai River back up the mountain and ended our day at the base of Portage Glacier. I thought I was being clever picking a spot just under the glacier but discovered the mosquitoes also thought this was a great camp site and were waiting to welcome us. Yes, we are still camping. No, we are not any faster putting up the tent.

We’re all looking forward to seeing the glacier tomorrow and taking a ferry ride.


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