The Rain, Mosquitoes and ‘No Flush’ Toilets

north to alaska 138Last night, still smug from our perfect day at the park we finally headed for bed. It wasn’t quite the record breaking temperature we’d seen the past few days but still it was warm. So warm that we left the rain cover and door to the tent tied open with only the mosquito netting between us and the outside world.

About 2:30 I woke to a strange sound. A pitter pattering on the tent and the wind rustling. Suddenly, a sprinkle hit my face and I realized what I was hearing. Clouds had rolled in after midnight and now the rain was coming down.


Worse, I tried to wake Bob so that he could take care of things while I stayed snug in my sleeping bag but he was snoring loudly across the tent. By the time he woke up I realized we had to work together to get our little igloo enclosed from the elements so both of us dashed outside to untie all the tethers and zip back up all the parts. Once back in the tent we remembered that everything had to be moved so that it wasn’t touching the tent wall, wicking up the rain. In the end, everyone was awake as we scurried around.

Once again our inexperience has left us wet. Though thankfully, it was only us, not all our belongings.

On the plus side, we discovered mosquitoes don’t like rain.

It’s not that I’m complaining about mosquitoes but we’ve all wondered about God’s plan when he invented these nasty, buzzing, swarming, and especially, biting pests. Poor Matthew especially hates my knee jerk reaction of swatting all mosquitoes, especially when he thinks I’m slapping him. I think I told you yesterday about how all the stores are out of OFF. Luckily, we brought several cans, including some half used ones that we’ve collected over the years (we do have a mosquito/no-see-um season though it lasts only a few weeks in Arizona). We have noticed on this trip that in the three seconds it takes to pull off the side of the road and roll down the window for a picture the mosquitoes had discovered us. Rebecca and I originally laughed at the nerdy looking people who were wearing mosquito netting but now we’re rethinking it.

Oh no, another No Flush toilet!

Oh no, another No Flush toilet!

Oh, speaking of Rebecca. I was reminded again today about her dread of the ominous no-flush toilets. I had warned her about them but this city girl has managed to avoid using outhouses until this trip. Yesterday she informed me that we have stopped at six no-flush toilets. Really? I had no idea we were keeping count. I explained to her we were lucky these outhouses all looked like toilets… with toilet seats … and had toilet paper and that it could be worse.

I don’t think she heard me.

Upcoming: Family and Friends in Anchorage.

2 thoughts on “The Rain, Mosquitoes and ‘No Flush’ Toilets

  1. Sorry about the mosquitoes, even I have had a hard time this year dealing with the little buggers. They seem nastier and more concentrated than in any previous year. Consider yourself lucky that you are not driving up the Haul road to Prudhoe bay, the North slope has many millions more of them. ((( flush toilet ))) what is that?

    • When we were in Anchorage there was an article about the run, and subsequent shortage, on mosquito repellent this year. We also had heard that the Haul Road was even worse, which brings up the question, what do all those gillion mosquitoes do while waiting for the unfortunate travelers who dares to get out of his truck???

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