Fun in Sunny, Yes Sunny Seattle

After driving all week I conned my friend Rochelle into driving us through the city for a planned lunch with one of Rebecca’s friends. Rochelle and I met through Twitter…yes, friend number two via social media. We are kindred spirits especially in our conservative ideals. But the highlight for Matthew was when Rochelle’s husband Mark joined us for the day. Mark was deployed in Afghanistan in the Army when his vehicle was hit by an IED. Due to his serious injuries he is now retired from the military and continuing to work on his recovery. He is also Matthew’s pal. A couple years ago, Mark sent Matthew his famous Army jacket and hat, which you may remember Matthew wears day in, day out, even in the heat of our Arizona summers. So our day was particularly special.

Matthew with a real SUPERHERO!

Matthew with a real SUPERHERO!

Oh, and did I mention that Matthew’s friends brought him a nearly lifesize Superman to travel along with us? How cool is that?100_1234

Is any trip to Seattle complete without lunch at Ivar’s? Rebecca and her fellow med student Laura got caught up on all things Seattle at the Ivar’s close to UW. Then, because Bob was flying up we spent the afternoon messing around at the pier enjoying the absolutely beautiful albeit somewhat rare Seattle sunshine. It is hard to imagine a better afternoon than sitting outside eating ice cream with friends.

In the company of two beautiful medical students at lunch.

In the company of two beautiful medical students Laura and Rebecca at lunch.

We were having so much fun we almost forgot to pick up Bob at the airport. But, never fear we made it in time and then all got to enjoy a great bbq dinner at Sharps Roasters’. It was such fun, and what a great way to catch our breath from all this driving.


Yours truly, Mark, Rochelle and “Hey Look, Bob is here!”

Talked to family in AK. It’s been over 70 every day this week. Will it hold out???


5 thoughts on “Fun in Sunny, Yes Sunny Seattle

  1. Someone told me recently that Alaska is experiencing 80 degree temps. Arizona sounds more comfortable. But here in WI it is supposed to hit 91 on Sunday w/ humidity. Yuck…

  2. Catching up on your Rambilin Rose tour… glad to hear your trip is going well… looks like Matthew is doing well too. Be safe and enjoy the rest of your trip to AK. Take lots of pictures or send a post card if you get the chance…. I see Bob tagged up with you all… safe driving and talk to you soon!!! 🙂

  3. Great post! Glad the weather was kind to you. I have heard so many wonderful things about the city of Seattle. Thanks for sharing the story of your trip!

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