North to Alaska –Our Journey Begins


Appropriately, Frosty will accompany us to Alaska.

If you have never visited west of the Mississippi it may be hard to imagine how vast our country is. As we begin our trip north we decide there is no easy way around it. We must travel one long day to escape the desert. So the sun was barely peaking over the horizon when we headed out.  We left poor Bob, both worried and sad that he wouldn’t be there in case gasket blew. But twelve hours later we arrived safe and sound at Mammoth Lakes, California and decided that was the end of our day. For your sake, and in anticipation that you might one day actually want to travel this trek, I am not posting pictures of the arid, flat, dry, hot, windy, roasting, blowing (did I leave out any adjectives?) desert. But when you do cross in the luxury of your air conditioned vehicle, think for a moment of what our pioneer forefathers must have struggled, in the open sun, little shade or water available.


The view from our campsite. Two things to notice: Yes, that is snow on the back of Yosemite and yes, that is McDonald’s in the background–you didn’t expect us to go too rural the first night, did you?

You’d be proud of how well we put up the tent. It wasn’t quite as easy as our practice runs since the ground was sand and the stakes kept popping up and there were giant wind gusts threatening to blow everything away. But, after forcing three stakes in each holder the tent managed to stay put!

Hmmm, for some reason the tent doesn't look nearly as pretty as when we practiced at home.

Hmmm, for some reason the tent doesn’t look nearly as pretty as when we practiced at home.

The Mammoth Lakes area is really very beautiful and we think it would be a good place to return to and spend at least a week exploring. It’s also only a few hours over the pass from here to Yosemite and all the wonders of this park. Oh, and those of you in AZ will laugh because all the Forest Rangers we talked to said many of the areas and roads were just opening, summer really hasn’t started yet.

Okay, so enough of the tourist stuff. I know you are just anxious to hear the real scoop on our trip and here it is. As I said, we managed to get the tent up without incident…and we were excited that it did not fall on us. However, we were not so lucky with the air mattress. For whatever reason, the dropping cold temperature or gremlins or maybe operator failure, the air mattress deflated within two hours of going to bed. And someone, yes, someone who was initially very warm, suddenly discovered that a flat air mattress and no sleeping bag underneath gives one a very chilly night. And a long night.

But never fear dear ones. We will try again…very soon…

day 1

Our journey, thus far.

Tomorrow: Nevada.

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