Crunch Time

It’s 110 here in the shade today. Not the kind of day to be messing around outside so in my cleverness, I measured the inside dimensions of the truck and taped it out onto the living room rug. We are able to ‘prepack’ and assess how things will fit together for the trip. Stuff we don’t anticipate needing or won’t need until weeks in will be put in the front and stuff we’re going to pull out every day will be more accessible. Of course, this plan will only work for sure on Day One. After that, it’s highly likely that everything will be shoved in wherever there is space.


The tape lines measure the inside of the truck.
It has made packing so much easier and a whole lot less sweaty!

We’re at the stage of planning where everyone is worried. Even the cats. They are sneaking downstairs to check out all the strange things in the living room and are more skiddish than usual (yes, it is possible…) Matthew is worried that I’ll miss some of his critical and important books so continues to haul things out of his room, packing his own bags. Rebecca, the girl who loves the Sheraton and thinks roughing it is staying at Motel 6, is worried. Her unspoken thoughts continue to revolved around: lack of electric hair dryers, sleeping bag, tent, walking to the bathroom at night in the dark with the wild animals. Bob, on the other hand is just worried. Work is busy and they are used to calling him for support. He worries that we will have a flat tire (even though we have roadside assistance service). He worries that we’ll have some kind of disaster and be out of cell phone range so he brought home a satellite phone. As protector of the family he worries all the time that he needs to be able to help especially since he won’t be along the first leg of the trip. My big worry is that we will be driving 8,000 miles. I think that is further than I drive in a whole year. We did the math and I think we have to average 300 miles per day which seems daunting of itself.

The family wants to know what to expect. We are learning patience and acceptance. Type A Bob and Rebecca would like to see every day planned out. But this is not a trip where everything can be scheduled in advance. There are so many factors that will influence our days. Will it be rainy and cold? Will the land of the midnight sun keep us from sleeping and everyone’s tiredness slow us or will we be energized by the 20 hour days and be up by 4 ready to go? (I know you are asking, “What happens if the transmission goes out in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory?” and you’ll be pleased to know the plan is to continue forth even if we have to rent a Kia.)

If you are interested you can check out the view of Mt. McKinley from the Denali Webcam. We have been watching the cloud cover there every morning. Apparently, only one-third the visitors actually get to see the our highest peak free of clouds. We’re hoping to be in that minority but I was reminded by Mom of the time we camped there two entire weeks and never saw the mountain only to drive back home by Anchorage and see it shining clearly in the sunlight. So, will we or won’t we? You could take bets on this… Ever hopeful, I am voting we will see the peak.

In just a few days we’ll be on the road. And just as an fyi to any would be burglars, this post is on a time delay and it’s highly likely I am already back home sitting in the rocker, Bible in one hand and Ruger Semi-automatic in the other…

Okay, gotta run and buy a copy of CW McCall’s Convoy cd.


You don’t know who that is?

Well, here you go. Ramblin’ Rose is 10 – 10 on the side.


4 thoughts on “Crunch Time

  1. Let’s see–if you take the rug with you, Matthew will be able to put the puzzle together every morning. Guarranteed his TV guide will be at the tailgate where he can run and grab it, just in case he finds a working TV.

  2. 300 miles a day?? What……you sleep until noon? I do more than that on my motorcycle! Have a wonderful trip, and take lots of pictures. And, be safe! fl

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