North to Alaska ~ Reality Check

Now don’t worry, the trip is still a go. In fact, it will be here soon. Today I just wanted to give an update. I think you all know everything that has happened, but then I remember I think lots and write little…

So here goes.

The plans are coming together. We’ve begged and borrowed everything needed, from air mattresses, to a camper shell for the truck. But, wait.  I’m ahead of myself.


We have been practicing pitching the tent.

Did I tell you we are taking the truck? It has few enough miles that it’s still in good shape but old enough and with enough dings (read hail damage and a few experiences with a teenage daughter) that we won’t cry if we drive over rough road and find rocks. The always safety conscience husband has insisted we change the oil, check the windshield wipers and other lame stuff that should be unnecessary to look at for the life of the vehicle. And my folks are letting us use their camper shell so everything can stay dry and we can pack more stuff.

Yes, more stuff… because my idea of just tenting occasionally has grown into camping as long as the weather permits. We’ll also be cooking most meals, which makes sense when you think about Matthew’s dietary restrictions this way we’ll be able to eat pretty much like at home.

The folks also loaned us a ’30 second tent’ which pops up in just 30 seconds and they had a port-a-potty which will be put into the 30 second tent… Thus solving the significant “peeing behind the bushes” dilemma.


Key items ready to be packed include OFF (of course), the dried fake chicken chunks, and hey, note the prized camera bag loaned to me by my photo journalist mother!

Our friends loaned us a very nifty plug in cooler which will help keep foods chilled…at least until we camp in snow 🙂 We also have borrowed a camp stove, portable grill and various and sundry other things. About the only thing we’re not borrowing is ourselves. No wait, we owned the First Aid box. Naturally, first aid is the doctor-to-be’s responsibility and of course, she is having a fit over all the supplies in the box being dated 1998…


Not only do we have to learn how to cook on the Coleman stove, but how to percolate coffee.

So the plans are all coming together. We’ve mapped out our route and will see friends and family along the way. The length of the trip is daunting and we’ve already had to make cuts in some of the more frivolous stops along the way. (The good thing is, we will have places to visit the next time…) The kids are excited. None of us can really know what to expect. There will be lots of family time. Often when I tell Matthew we are going to do this or that he stomps around in protest.  But he is surprisingly interested in the trip. Of course, as you may recall, he loves the maps and continues to peruse them daily. We talk about the people and things we will see and I know there are several special people along the way that he is excited about seeing.

Due to concerns about the safety of our cats…and our cat sitter…I made an executive decision to post updates on a delay. Burglars and thieves should note that as they read about our expedition chances are very high that I will be sitting in the living room, upholding my second amendment rights, polishing my Colt 45. So the questions will be: Is it real? Or is it Memorex?  Am I reading something that happened today? Or was it three weeks ago??? Okay, I’ll give you a few clues…the seasoned adult or keen observer, who has read beyond junior high Social Studies will be probably ferret out the truth.

Today it is 99F here in the Arizona desert and the temperature will only go up for the next month. Rain…or snow…we are looking forward to spending time in the cooler climes and experiencing the land of the Midnight Sun.

Oh…wait a second…shoot. I almost forgot the most important thing! We will be on the CB radio! (Yes, of course, borrowed…) And even better, I already have a handle. Just give me a shout out: Breaker, Breaker, One Nine… Ramblin’ Rose, You Got Your Ears On…

4 thoughts on “North to Alaska ~ Reality Check

  1. Vincent is excited about your CB Radio. He is going to go out to the car and listen for a hile now. We have come up with a better handle name for him. “Scanner Man”. He kept using his first name and I said he needs a handle. So if you hear Scanner man, you know it is him. Your trip souds like a fun adventure.

  2. I’d love to see the first set up of the tent!!! There are bound to be some hysterical time (good & not so good) that will build lifetime memories. I will look forward to my vicarious seat in the truck. Keep your toes all warm & fuzzy & us posted. Our prayers go with you.

    • Jan, it would be very fun to set up the video camera of us putting up the tent that first night… I’m not sure I’d post it. Probably would be censored for all the swear words! It’s 110+ here in the desert this week. We are very much looking forward to escaping to cooler climes.
      My folks are already thinking we should all go back up next year. Who knows, maybe we’ll have a caravan and invite everyone!
      Thanks for the prayers, they will be needed 🙂

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