The Prize

We’ll call this story: The Prize … for obvious reasons that will eventually be apparent. 🙂

There we were, minding our own business, driving across the parched Arizona desert. We were stopped for gas mid-trip when a man walked up and began talking to a guy in the car next to us. Being nosy we listened in. Being clever, Mom asked questions. We learned a loaded semi-truck had been involved in a serious accident just down the road. The trailer and its cargo were damaged allowing the insurance company to let people  freely have its contents. The man was telling locals but after a short discussion we decided we were local enough and hollered to Grandpa to get in and sped down the road, like speed demons, well, because of…The Prize.

Sure enough, when we arrived, even though it was a hot day, there were people crowded around the trailer, hands outstretched, waiting, hoping. We jumped out of the truck and raced over thinking, “This could be it. Maybe we’ll be the lucky ones.”  In the crowd several women were speaking excitedly in Spanish but every so often I could hear them mention…The Prize.

I stood back, not wanting to appear too greedy but Mom whispered in my ear, “If you don’t get closer, you won’t get any.”

Accordingly, I inched my way forward. Hands out, we all looked like paupers waiting for our daily rations. I’m pretty sure Mom was wielding her cane like a Jedi Knight with his sword because the seas parted, making room for me to reach the front. There, for the first time in my life, I was tallest, and when the box came forward I snatched it quickly and headed back with…The Prize.

We were so excited!

I called Bob immediately and sent him a picture. As you might expect, he too was excited.

Oh, you don’t know why?

I forgot.

Here is the picture:






Yep. It was a produce truck. And we got a case of broccoli!


One thought on “The Prize

  1. Boy ! Did I need a laugh today ! Thanks. Looking forward to “our” Alaskan trip. If it brings you to Texas, let me know & we’ll have coffee….lol

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