Watching Rebecca

Today’s note is personal. Today our baby, the same one that you have watched with us, has grown up. This afternoon we are going to attend The White Coat Ceremony for Rebecca’s Medical School Class of 2016. It’s hard to believe time can go so quickly. Because of our program with Matthew our family and friends have been closer than most. We’ve all watched Rebecca grow into a beautiful young woman.

So today, I share the note we tucked in to Rebecca’s White Coat. A note to remind her of how her dreams have never wavered and how close she now is to reaching them. The letter to Grandma was written about age five. The Institutes we mention was the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential where we took Matthew all those years.

Thank you for your continued support of both our children.

Dearest Rebecca,

It’s been a long road since you wrote that letter to Grandma. At age five it must have seemed like forever.

Yet, here you are. No longer a pre-med student. No longer an undergrad. Here, at such an exciting point in your life.

We knew you would be accepted by the school of your choice, even if you didn’t. We have watched you blossom and grow into a beautiful young woman. You can’t begin to imagine how proud we are of you. We always have been.

Your love of learning made homeschooling so much fun. Your sense of adventure kept us from becoming too set in our ways. Your conversational skills and willingness to reach out to everyone also helped us (including your brother) be more outgoing.

There has been no challenge to difficult or mountain too high. We are proud of how you managed to keep your eyes on the goal all the while continuing to walk forward to this point.

Years ago, at the Institutes, they told us about you. That you would be a Super-Kid. That you would learn lots, be sociable, and at the same time be filled with empathy for others.

They were right.

Congratulations on this next step in your adventure.

Love always,

Mom, Dad, and Matthew

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