Matthew Shares More Pictures

Apparently, some people, besides Grandma, actually want to see more of Matthew’s photographs.  He has taken hundreds in the past few months since being given his own camera. Today we’ll share a few fun pictures.

Taking a picture of Sadie’s head. She is very cooperative.

These three pictures were taken up in the AZ mountains on the Mogollon Rim. It’s beautiful up there. 

Tall Ponderosa Pines, a flower filled field, and pond.Or…what Matthew sees.

These two pictures were taken in the back yard. We were working on the landscaping under the Mimosa Tree. And picture two? The inside of a galvanized bucket.

The following pictures are taken at Grandma and Grandpa’s home.
Matthew never takes pictures of people. I’m pretty sure the third picture is a hummingbird feeder…

A lucky dog’s foot?
These last pictures are from a visit to France.
This rope borders the cemetery at Normandy

Paris honors Churchill with a statue.
A cathedral in Northern France. But Matthew is not looking at the Gothic structure.
No, he wants you to see the teeny, Gargoyles on the edges.

And that’s enough for today! Come by and visit though, Matthew will be happy to share more with you!

One thought on “Matthew Shares More Pictures

  1. I love Matthew's photos!! I love his perspective – especially the walkway – I can see how this is fascinating. Love the close up of the dog. He is really quite talented!! Go Matthew!! 🙂

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