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Forty years is a long time together.  Especially when one is an independent Vermonter and the other a dreaming adventurer.  Maybe those uniquely diverse characteristics served as glue to bind.  Or maybe it was that they did everything “Juntos,” as John would say, “Together.”  And together they met the challenges: in good times and bad times; for richer, for poorer; in sickness and in health…
For many years they chose to live the American Dream…have your own business and be your own boss.  Jane never planned on becoming a commercial fisherman but when it became John’s dream she climbed on-board.  (A brave feat considering deep water terrified her.)  Together they learned the ins and outs of trolling for salmon in Southeast Alaska.  Life aboard a fishing boat brings back many memories: from teaching girls how to gut fish and raising a child on the boat to taking advantage of a foggy day to explore the beach and see bears in the distance… 
It’s no surprise, since they met as volunteers, that they would continue serving together in their communities over the years.  Together they explored most of the back roads and discovered many secrets of the state.  After moving to Arizona they became involved in school and scouting activities and then found great reward working with the Search and Rescue groups.  They remember each search and those who worked alongside.  Mention a big wig with the sheriff’s office in Coconino, Gila or Maricopa County and chances are they met him.   
No grass ever grew under their feet so when they sold the boat choosing to live in Arizona full time they also decided to build their own cabin in the woods.  Friends and family were inspired with this adventure often gathering on weekends to provide additional muscle with this project.  The cabin stands today with its handmade stone fireplace and large deck that can seat the family as a testament of their talents and effort.  Everything done, every challenge met with a Together We Can attitude. 
The children of these two learned that life is an adventure so one would expect to hear they are off pursuing their own adventures across the country.  Grandchildren are examples of the continued family growth.  Our own family has been fortunate to remain close and it’s been a blessing.  Both kids have benefited from being around another generation of family and spending time together.  Matthew especially, loves spending time with Grandma and Grandpa. That he carries everywhere an 11×14 picture of Grandpa is a story for another day.
There have been plenty of challenges to be sure but each one was met standing side by side. Together they would get through it…and they did. 
Today, both are retired but still not content to sit still.  They spend winters searching for the elusive gold nuggets.  Rather John works tirelessly sifting through creek beds, cracks and crevices in the desert while Jane pursues her photojournalist dream.  And you should know one of her first published articles was about her prospector husband.  They amaze us as they continue this journey together. Juntos. 
Happy Anniversary! We love you!

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