What Matthew Sees

We’re just about finished with our major remodeling project. The kitchen actually has been done for weeks but because we changed flooring in the lower level we also decided to spruce up the place with fresh paint. That’s been my project of late. And I’m almost done.

In the meantime, I was searching for some pictures to print and hang in the bathroom when I ran across some of Matthew’s work. I didn’t remember seeing these before. Who knows when he shot them…sometimes he’s stealthy. I know I’ve shared some of his pictures before but I thought you’d appreciate his unique perspective.

Matthew does not see the world quite the same as you and I might. You know the saying, “Can’t see the forest for the trees?” That’s Matthew. Just like when he works puzzles he puts them together in groups and then finally fits it all together. Me, on the other hand, I always start with the border and work my way in… It’s just how we are.

So here you go:

Yes, it’s a rope. It’s a fence keeping us off the grass.

I don’t even recognize this house! But look close at the TV, it’s the Ninja Turtles movie!

Dining Room Table and Chairs…but, no, look closer…see that white cat paw? That’s Spunky hiding under the table.

Beloved AG Bear who apparently needed to rest on the pillow.

I don’t know…was he watching Walker, Texas Ranger?

View from the back seat.

Sure, a favorite movie.

And yes, a drink ready to be poured into a cup.
I do believe this is a very close up shot of  Mr. Incredible.
Another TV show… I recognize Batman in the background.

I think we’re looking at Harry Potter. Do we have this movie?

2 thoughts on “What Matthew Sees

  1. I'm not sure why, but I like these photos. They aren't just random shots. Matthew obviously took some care in the way he framed them.

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