Kitchen Redo

It started a while back. But last year, with so much time spent sitting looking at things (and especially, watching the Do It Yourself channel) I began telling Bob it was time for some updates to our house. Actually, it was a simple project. I wanted to replace the guest bathroom cabinet and sink and then paint the room. A cinch, right? Not so easy at our house. If I changed the cabinet the surrounding tile would need to be repaired or replaced. And the tile goes from the bathroom, into the family room and up the stairs into the kitchen. Could I just do one room? I think not.

Okay, so we agreed that the tile could be updated. Yes, it still was in pretty good shape, but it was dated. But if we were going to change the tile shouldn’t we talk about replacing the kitchen cabinets. After all, the house is 20 years old… So, the cabinets should come out. Well, if we’re really going to do that then shouldn’t we replace the pantry that we’ve long talked about and change it to a style with pull out shelves?

Thus began the Kitchen Redo. We first went out six months ago and found some cabinets we liked but then came home and looked at how much preparation work would be involved… Days turned into weeks, then months and we were still talking. Poor Bob works hard enough during the week. He just couldn’t get excited about the prospects of all his weekend time consumed with remodeling. (Originally, I wanted to put in all the cabinets myself–after all, it looks pretty reasonable on those half hour project shows…)

Then one day Bob mentioned that he wanted a new truck. And I noticed when we were driving by the new truck dealers he would sigh and gaze longingly at the shiny 4×4’s.

There goes my kitchen money…and I began to whine and complain that I would never get my kitchen…a truck… I’ll admit, there might have even been a tear that I had to wipe away as I went on and on. I might have even played on the “Woe is me…I had chemo…” angle. So yes, that softy of a husband then told me he didn’t really mean he wanted a new now. Of course, we were going to do the kitchen work first.

Taken just as Bob decided that he could easily access the attic
and so this would be the best time to replace the lights too 🙂
Gotta love him!

So here we are actually with removal of the cabinets scheduled for next week. The new cabinets, sink and what not are supposed to only take five days and then the tile will be here the following week.  You’d think I’d be happy…and I am…(ecstatic actually)…But I did mention yesterday, “Would it be too much, to get the bathroom cabinet too?”

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