The Squirrel

Just saw a squirrel sneaking around the grass in my back yard. Squirrels aren’t too common in the valley…at least not my part so I always take note. I don’t know what this guy was looking for. Sometimes they come for the apples are on the tree. Today he seemed to be enjoying some of the weeds. So today he is my friend. He also reminded me of a funny experience a few years back.

One day I was at a school board meeting at our parochial school where the teacher/principal had informed us she could no longer handle both duties and resigned as principal. After sharing this information she returned to finish up some work in her classroom. The meeting continued and we were busy discussing how we would handle this new situation when suddenly, a squirrel snuck in the open door. Once spotted the meeting quickly went to pot and the group jumped up.  Soon we were hooping and hollaring trying to shoe the squirrel back outside. It was very funny to see Pastor using the broom as others flapped their arms to chase it back. Finally, squirrel returned to the “wild” where he belonged, we shut the door and resumed the meeting.

A little while later the former principal walked back in. We told her about the squirrel. She had heard all the noise and laughing and was glad to hear what it was…she thought maybe we were having a party celebrating that she quit.

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