A Year Long Experience

It was so nice to reach Christmas this year. My first chemo treatment was just before Christmas last year.  Now I can look back and be glad that we got through the surgeries, chemo and radiation successfully.  People ask me if I’m completely recovered now and when I say, “I think so,” they are perplexed. But I explain, all this stuff and, most certainly, being tired didn’t just pop up suddenly. It has been going on for months at least and it’s hard to know how much better I can get (who knows, maybe I’ll want to run a marathon–ok, that is pretty far fetched…)

But no matter, this year we enjoyed the holidays with a fresh outlook.  After Christmas I saw both the Chemo doctor and my surgeon and got a clean bill of health from both. It will be a fun challenge now to head into the spring working on all our projects that were left unfinished last year.  The kitchen redo is still patiently waiting, as is my bathroom that is just needing me to paint (the paint was bought long ago–the trick will be to find it.)

People have asked me if I will go back to the very fun (but not lucrative) mystery shopping.  Right now I still don’t know.  I still have a terrible time remembering short term things. And since this is key to a good report I’m not sure I’m up for it.  But we continue to be on their mailing lists and maybe Matthew and I will pick and choose some fun trips like going back to the reservation by summer.

Also, and I don’t know how it’s at all related, it seems like we have not had any good adventures to write about. I expect this is because there is not much exciting to say about dusting, mopping and vacuuming.  I think I’m just out of things to say but it may be that it’s 70 here and there is no good reason to stay indoors writing when I can be working on my new garden. No matter, until I wake up in the middle of the night with a thought that just must be shared with you this blog will continue to be quiet.

Be well…and make sure those you love get their mammograms.


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