Hair Today–Gone Tomorrow

Well, it happened as they said it would. My hair is no longer something to be styled. Sunday it began coming out in handfuls. It was more emotional than I expected so Bob and Rebecca were recruited to cut it. Rebecca chopped it off to an inch then Bob spent a half hour neatening it up. My hair has always been thick so even though I’m shedding like a scared cat there is still a lot attached to my head. I don’t think it’s actually falling out but rather breaking off at the root. Kind of creepy if you ask me. I asked the family to go ahead and pull it off but everyone is unnerved after the first handful. Still in the next couple days I expect there will be very little left. Oh, and gentle readers you are indeed fortunate the hair cutting picture was too blurry to share. Right now I look an awful lot like a short haired porcupine. Or maybe a Chinese Crested dog. In any case a scarf is in order.

I was looking forward to wearing my new stylish hats but thus far my head is too hot to wear anything but my one old silk scarf. Hot–I mentioned this to the doctor last week. “Good,” she says, “Hot flashes…” I am waking up in the night roasting but to the docs this is a sign that the medicines are doing their job. Thank goodness it’s not summer here, I would be miserable.

One thing I remembered to ask about during this last chemo treatment was whether the effects would be cumulative, getting worse each visit or stay the same. Fortunately, it sounds like each time the reactions will be similar. I don’t think the nausea was as bad this time but I hate to say anything in case it suddenly gets worse. What I can say is that the nurse gave me one more anti-nausea pill so I’m up to four choices depending on how bad or ugly it gets. I’m hoping to float through this without taking those last level pills. The nurses say I may be more tired but that is likely due to the decreased blood counts as we go along. No argument there. Thirty minutes of work and I’m ready for a break.

People ask how the rest of the family is coping. My folks were a huge blessing keeping us on track. I think I can safely say we are adjusting to this new lifestyle where the rest really pick up the slack. Bob and Rebecca make sure the clothes are washed and folded, that the kitchen is cleaned each night and both are careful to see that bathrooms and germ areas are cleaned daily. Thankfully, Rebecca is still on break as we’ve come to rely greatly on her help. We’ll have another adjustment once she goes back to school but by then we hope to have a good routine in place. Matthew, as always, likes to keep his routine and as long as it’s not him to see the doctor he’s okay. He has been much more inclined to help me and leaves his computer willingly to go for a walk every afternoon. Of course, he is more than happy to watch tv when I want a nap…as long as it’s one of his favorite shows.

Next therapy is Jan. 15th. That means I should be good for at least a week. If you’re in the area please stop by for a visit. Give me a call and I’ll be sure to have my crazy head covered. And remember not to be offended if I start yawning.

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