2 of 8 also = 1/4

Okay so it’s not higher math but it did occur to me that with the chemo treatment today I will be one-fourth done. It makes it sound like we’re making progress. I’m marking these dates off my calendar though the reality is that it will be Memorial weekend before everything is really done with everything (and that’s if there are no further detours.)

First things first. (For those who worry…) The PET scan was clear for any further cancer. Yea! If it weren’t for this cancer I would be in great health. My lab work has all been good. I truly expected that this fall I would be diagnosed with diabetes–for no good reason other than a very strong family history. But my blood sugar was in the 80’s–I can still eat Christmas candy.

Oh, at the doctor visit the other day I made a smart remark about not yet losing my hair. (I thought it was a good thing…) They do not. They want me to lose my hair and from the doc’s scribbles I think they might ratchet it up a notch with the next treatment. They are looking for reactions and signs that the chemo drugs are doing their job.

But enough medical talk.

On Christmas morning after opening our presents Mom and Rebecca were busy scurrying around the kitchen preparing dinner. I had been banned from the kitchen but finally was allowed to put away a few dishes. The guys took off and when I asked Mom she said they had to pick up her Christmas present and she wasn’t supposed to know anything about it. I know what you’re thinking…how did she know what they were doing if she didn’t know? But the flurry of activity kept me from asking more. Until…the garage door opened and in walked…my sister. Yep, all the way from North Carolina. My brother (who we were expecting and who arrived later in the day) had schemed and planned a family Christmas together. What a wonderful surprise it was!

For the next several days we laughed and ate and laughed some more. There were hugs and reminiscing. And yes, even a few tears as they offered to share their strength with us during the upcoming challenges.

So here we go, into the new year, already one-fourth done with this chemo. People ask me if I couldn’t have waited to start. We couldn’t come up with good enough reasons not to. The new year may be ushered in quietly at our house but we are looking forward to it continuing to improve and by next Christmas all this hoopla will be but a small memory.

Wishing you a Happy New Year filled with opportunities to share love with family and friends!

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