Much for which to be Thankful

(Written Friday 11/25)
This morning Bob was helping me change the dressing for my drain. I was in a particularly whiny mood and complaining how I just wasn’t feeling very well both yesterday afternoon and today. “You know,” he reminded me as he anchored the tubing in a more comfortable position, “It hasn’t been a week yet since your surgery.” I am thankful for a husband who is able to keep the big picture in front of me.

Hmmm. He’s right…as usual. So with that in mind I lie down for a nap and get up feeling much better. One of my friends wrote me the other day that having two surgeries so close together would be physically draining. “But,” she wrote, “Do it anyway.” So I have and now hopefully am done with surgery. December will be the beginning of my recovery. I am thankful for friends who remind me to do what’s best and face these challenges with optimism.

Our Thanksgiving meal this year was pretty different. I spent most of the day on the couch and each time I would think to ask if this or that was done or made I was reminded to relax and not worry. The rest of the family had things well in hand. And dinner was delicious without my intervening. I am very thankful for a caring family who are right here to lock arms and go through this with me.

Over the past month I have been given plenty of opportunities to let others be in charge. It’s one of those simple life lessons that you see posted as bumper stickers… you know, like Let go and let God. Let someone else handle things when you aren’t up for it. One of many lessons I am continually challenged to learn the hard way. I am always thankful for optimistic people who remind me of the power of God. (Trust in the Lord with all your heart; and lean not to your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5)

As we celebrated this year we reminded what a great country we are in. Our health insurance (for which yes, we do pay a significant amount) has allowed me to be seen by specialists quickly, have new technology testing and less invasive surgeries in a very short amount of time. It appears that my doctors and I will decide the best course of treatment and we won’t have to waste time appealing to a third party. I am very thankful for these healers and the positive outlook they bring.

Thanksgiving is a great chance to think about our many blessings. Often we take for granted our family and friends. This month we have been fortunate to be reminded of our many loved ones as offers of prayers and assistance come flowing in. We are indeed thankful for everyone. I hope you too are as lucky.

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