3 Days Post-Op and I learn I’m not Superwoman

Yep, it’s true. Yesterday morning I felt great. Fog from the anesthesia was gone and I was good enough to take a shower. Time to get rolling… The folks left to get some groceries but before leaving questioned how I was feeling and gave me strict warnings to relax… Of course, it wasn’t long before I noticed the floor needed it’s daily mopping. I was up for it… Or so I thought. After just a few strokes with the mop I realized that I would have to do it one handed… But I got it done and all the evidence put away before anyone came home.

Shortly after their return I could feel the energy leaving me and when my friend stopped by I was barely able to sit up. Mom noticed I was puny and I was relegated to the couch while they visited. It didn’t take long for me to fall asleep. Later in the afternoon I admitted my folly which I’m not sure was a wise move…now I’m like the president with an agent at my side every move.

This morning, after my best night’s sleep in a long time I thought, “Today’s the day.” Wrong. Another friend stopped by and again it didn’t take long before I had to go lie down. But I wanted to get out of the house so Mom, Matthew and I went to the store. Those of you who know Matthew will get a real kick out of this–in the store he put his hands on my shoulders and tracked my every move. Halfway through the store I decided that we’d better quit or I’d be in an embarrassing heap there in the aisle. Sheesh. I hate admitting when my mom is right.

Other than that I am good. I love this super glue stitch stuff. I have no band-aids, butterflies or stitches…just purple glue. It is very cool. Surgery went as expected and recovery was just loads of fun. I’m looking forward to the visiting the surgeon next week and then getting started with the oncologist. More important, I have been on the receiving end of a huge number of cards, emails, phone calls and visits… Family and friends have been doing a great job of reminding me how blessed I am. I also especially enjoy hearing from cancer survivors. The strength and faith of people continues to amaze me. I hope to follow your shoes. But for now, (and don’t tell my mom… I’m going to lie down and maybe take a nap…)

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