Lost and Found

Do you ever lose things? I hate when that happens.

The other day I was visiting a friend and her adult daughter was cleaning the carpets. She had filled the fresh water tank in the sink and then somehow lost the plastic screw top. When I arrived she had already pulled out the refrigerator and stove searching for the now very elusive cap. My friend suggested maybe the cat had spotted it and swatted it down the hall. The whole stay this poor girl spent looking for the lost. It’s frustrating.

Everyone has been there. We have a large shade canopy that comes apart in a hundred pieces. One day the canopy was up on the lawn (but not staked) when a sudden gust of wind came. The canopy was blown into the air and landed fully on top our giant mesquite tree in the front yard. Amazingly, only one of the connectors broke. So we packed it up, kit and kaboodle and finally got around to ordering a replacement connector. The new piece arrived and floated around the kitchen along with the broken one. Until the day before we needed to put it up. Then it was no where to be found. Don’t you hate when that happens? We searched and searched. Voices were rising almost to the point of accusations, but no one quite willing to blame the other. Well, as it turned out the cat, in one of her fast paced escapes across the island must have knocked the connector into the trash.

Our best “lost item” story came during a visit to my folks. The recliner chair was wiggling so the guys decided to fix it using the electric drill. No problem, tightened all the screws and the chair was good as new. But where was the drill chuck? It was there when they started, after all it’s needed to change out the bits. They searched and they searched. They went out to the shop and searched. They tore the chair back apart. They looked in their coat pockets–even the ones they weren’t wearing. It was well lost. And it didn’t show up. Time passed. Finally Grandpa broke down and bought a replacement chuck last year as he again needed to use his drill. This summer he walked along the front porch and there, to his great surprise, sitting in the flower pot was his chuck. The lost was found.

Last week I found something very unique. A pair of glasses. Yes, several in this house wear glasses but I’ve not seen them before. I tried them on–they are almost strong enough for my bad eyes so the person who lost them likely misses them. Can’t think of anyone to whom they might belong. If you recognize them, or if you need a pair and are myopic let me know and I’ll match up the found with the lost.

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