That Labor Day Roof

It was a day for everyone to help. Grandma with her two new knees volunteered to stay on the ground level and be chief cook with Rebecca as her sous chef. Matthew thought he was going to get out of working because there was no way he was climbing the ladder but someone had to carry the shingles from the front yard to the back. Grandpa was under strict instructions to not climb any higher than the porch roof so he worked as middle man. He was supposed to be supervisor only, but you try telling him that… I was brave enough to climb up on the roof and served as shingle mover.

Of course we were outshone by brother Kelly’s teen boys who threw those bundles of shingles over their shoulders and climbed up and down the slippery roof as though walking across the sidewalk. It was truly wonderful to have these young, strong helpers.

When I wrote my plaintive plea for help last month I was rewarded by a reply from a friend who offered, not only to come and help, but shared that he actually had experience. When Bob and Kelly ran into a challenge, like cutting around the fireplace or dormer, Rich was there to help. Rich also brought his wife Chris along and I promised she could spend the day reading or relaxing in the pines but she jumped in and helped the cooks along with watching Kelly’s young grandson.

There was a strong threat of rain for the weekend so when dawn came and it was dry we all jumped up to get started. Kelly had mailed down not one but two nail guns so the work went twice as fast. The day was cool and perfect. Kelly and the boys had flown down from Anchorage so they especially were thankful for the lower temps.

After lunch we clambered back up and made great progress until the rain started. Wow, do those shingles get slippery. It was great timing though as everyone was ready for a break. We were three-fourths done! Some of us (well, me in particular) thought that was more than good enough for the day but after the rain stopped the boys got their second wind and were back at it. It was absolutely amazing to finish this job in one day! It would have never happened without great help from family and friends!

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