GF grilled cheese! YUM!

Got all kinds of things to write about but first things first.

Matthew was looking for something to eat today when he spotted the Kinnikinnick pizza crusts in the freezer. I didn’t have all the ingredients for a pizza, nor did I want to heat the oven so I offered to cook one up with cheese. We cut the 7in square crust in half and placed one half in a pan. Then I piled a liberal amount of shredded cheese and stacked the other half on top. Just like I would a regular grilled cheese except that this “pizza crust” comes with a bit of corn meal on the bottom so I didn’t butter it. I pressed the sandwich down by setting a cast iron skillet on top. We cooked it over medium heat and when the cheese just started melting turned it over. The skillet sitting on top seemed to help the sandwich cook evenly. When the cheese was melted and just starting to bubble out we took it out of the pan.

I was surprised that this crust would turn out so moist and made a great sandwich. Best of all, there was no crust. When I picked up these individual size pizza crusts I had planned only on making pizzas. Now, I see there are many more possibilities.

Kinnikinnick products are available at our local Sprouts and Whole Foods stores in Arizona and you can order them online.

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