Did you see us???

Senator McCain Town Hall

Well there we were this morning messing around, checking email and I asked Matthew if he’d like to do something fun… We all have our hero’s and one of Matthew’s favorites is John McCain. I had gotten an email that Senator McCain would be holding a town hall meeting just down the road in Sun City and thought Matthew might enjoy seeing him.

It was only about three miles away so I figured leaving at 10 for an 11:00 start was plenty soon. But to our surprise we weren’t the only ones going to the town hall and waited a good while just to get turned on to the street with the church. We got inside the church only to hear that the main sanctuary was already filled and there was some overflow seating where we could go. I figured since we had come this far we might as well sit there and at least watch some before Matthew got bored. Just as we walked past the main doors a nicely dressed woman peeked out then walked up to me and smiled, “Are you headed for the overflow room?” she asked. When I nodded she took my hand and said, “Come with me.” We went inside the sanctuary and she pointed out another woman, “Tell her that I sent you and you can sit up in the choir area in front.”

“Really??? Wow…” And off we were to the front of the room. We sat in the second row with all the Republican volunteers and donors.

Only when I sat down did I think about what we were doing. You know Matthew. We always sit in the back of church and at the back of any meeting but here we were up in the front visible to everyone… Then I looked across the room–TV cameras pointed our direction. Yikes.

But there we were and fortunately, Matthew got caught up in all the buzz. Lots of people talking and smiling, enjoying themselves. And when the introductions began he could see Senator McCain just off to the side–right next to us. His American Hero.

I was surprised that Matthew made it through the clapping and standing. I am sure he laughed at the few boos he heard. I don’t think he cared a whole lot about the Health Care Reform information that was being shared but he did seem to enjoy listening.

If you watch the video you’ll spot us and I know you’ll think two things. One, someone should have told me to do a better job brushing my hair (where’s my daughter when I need her…) and two watching me rub Matthew’s neck and leg (which we always do when he has to sit and pay attention) is quite annoying. I doubt they would have put us in front had the gal realized Matthew was autistic but I am glad that he could sit there and be a pretty good representation of someone with special needs.

Oh, and what did the Senator say??? I’m going to have to go back and watch the video.

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