Here’s to Old Friends

Today was pretty special. We got to spend the day with my friend Dorcas. She was the first person I met when we moved to Sitka as a 7th grader. Rebecca asked if I thought Dorcas was the same and I have to say she is. Same cheerful person, with lots to share. We had a great time visiting and catching up.

The weather was absolutely beautiful here today. It might have reached 80 and there was always a breeze. So we walked from the hotel to Pikes Fish Market. The kids were impressed with all the fish and seafood but especially the show put on by the guys working there. When they toss fish through the air and chant it’s pretty amusing. The market area is filled with small shops and a farmer’s market. I loved all the cut flowers available at such low prices. We would have bouquets everywhere in the house if I lived here.

Dorcas wanted us to visit another unique place so we drove a short ways to Snoqualmie Falls. The water falls were fun to look at from the top but we decided to be adventurous and hike to the river down below. I can tell you that walking down the trail was not too bad but the hike out… well, let’s just say we were all glad for the many shady spots where we could catch our breath. I tried to reach a ripe blackberry in the middle of the thicket thinking it would quench my thirst and instead got caught up in the bush.

Today was a great way to wrap up our trip. We are packing tonight and heading back to hopefully cooler Phoenix tomorrow. Rebecca is looking forward to evaluating the Sea-Tac airport. She thinks it’s pretty hard to beat Sky Harbor.

Rebecca’s Perspective: Another great day to our trip, I’m so glad we had a Seattlelite show us around! Dorcas was our tour guide to the little known spots near Seattle, as well as the very famous Pike Place Market! She even took us to the very first Starbucks! The place that started it all. How cool. 🙂 Across from the fresh flower and fruit market place, there were assorted bakeries and delicatessens, even a cheese shop where we all tried some curd cheese! Matthew was very excited to see a bakery that had a whole gluten free section, something that is becoming more popular in the Seattle area. After seeing the falls and having a giant lunch, we drove to Kirkland to enjoy a scenic view of Lake Washington. Beautiful weather made the day perfect for such outdoors activities.

I will sorely miss this wonderful weather, but I keep hearing how lucky we were to not run into clouds and rain. I think we’re all ready to head home, myself to get ready for school! It’s been a great trip readers, keep following! 😀

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