Seattle, WA USA

Rebecca’s Perspective: What a beautiful day in Seattle! Not a cloud in the sky, got the sun in my eyes, and I won’t be surprised if it’s a dream… 🙂 (for all you Karen Carpenter fans out there.) Today was a lot of traveling; about an hour of which was spent waiting to cross the border back into the US. The line was pretty insane. We thankfully all had our passports so when we got to customs we moved right along. In the midst of our trip back to Seattle, we took a detour to see Whidby Island. It was very scenic; Mom’s got a house picked out for me to buy her (when I manage become a millionaire, I think.) right on the coast of Washington. After we got into town, we ventured on the monorail to the SPACE NEEDLE!!! Oh boy, was that … well, maybe not exciting, but something that sure got your attention. While Mom and Matthew weren’t too willing to walk along the edge, Dad and I did boldly go where I hadn’t gone before. I was pretty nervous out there, but as long as I didn’t have to look down I was okay. Of course the occasional accidental glance had me hanging tight to the wall, though. Tonight we’re staying downtown, and tomorrow we’re looking forward to seeing my mom’s friend Dorcas and walking around Pike’s Place Market as well as some other nearby attractions!

Oh that Rebecca. Karen Carpenter. Sounds like she listens to the Oldies radio too much.

We are back in the good ole US of A. And it’s a good feeling. I knew for sure we were back when we spotted a group of veterans protesting the Health Care Reform program being proposed. I thought it was interesting that they were out maybe there was a Town Hall meeting in the small town we were in.

Today was just perfect weather here! We’ll be miserable when we get back to Phoenix…unless fall has suddenly hit. As Rebecca mentioned we bravely rode to the top of the Space Needle and for Matthew and me once was enough. We thought it was a beautiful view but I had to keep Matthew looking at me on the ride since he was quite nervous. He was funny though when we got down close enough to see the tree branches he kept saying, “Ahhhh. Whew…” I’m telling you we have never tested our bravery so much as this trip.

The sun is just thinking about setting as I write this from our 18th story room so I’ll wrap up. We can’t wait to see the fish being thrown around at the Fish Market tomorrow and I am very much hoping that we can eat lunch at our family’s year old favorite restaurant down on the wharf.

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