Vancouver, Home of the 2010 Winter Olympics

It was fun to ride the ferry to Vancouver this morning. The kids were entertained by a naturalist who talked about the sea life in the area. Matthew and I saw a seal and Rebecca spotted a dolphin. Look as we might, we didn’t see any orcas.

The picture here I was going to label “The Face of Fear” but Rebecca thought it would be better titled “Three Brave Souls”. This was taken as we walked across the suspension bridge over the Capilano River north of Vancouver. Truly it was amazingly scary… I think walking across is easily worth several years off time served in Purgatory… Matthew thought it was funny as the bridge swayed until we got past the trees and were out in the open. Then I had to convince him to keep going. We visited here our first time through and only the bridge is the same (if that). This has turned into a major tourist mecca with fees and high dollars at every turn but still, it is a fun and very unique place to visit.

As we came in to the city we visited the Queen Elizabeth Garden. We spotted at least seven wedding parties taking place in this beautiful area. Now Rebecca is torn between having HER wedding at Butchart or the Queen Elizabeth gardens. Thankfully, she has ALOT of time before this is her worry…

Tonight we drove through Chinatown. Because we didn’t need a flat, dried duck we didn’t make any purchases… This and the rest of the city center area reminds me of San Francisco. Very interesting place.

Rebecca’s Perspective: What a beautiful day spent on both Vancouver Island and Vancouver! At about 65 degrees and wind, I felt quite comfortable with just my long sleeves and jeans while other tourists and Canadians were bearing shorts and tank tops! Really, the bridge was not quite as frightening as my mom makes it out to be– you just have to not look down, not let go of the sides, and pray that the 8 year old boy stops jumping and making the bridge sway more. We also found that the bridge isn’t quite as bad when it is crowded with people. We crossed the middle segment alone the first time across, and with no one on the other side, boy did we lean! Balance is key. But the area surrounding and 230 feet below was beautiful and scenic as one might expect. We also saw many weddings take place at the Queen Elizabeth Gardens, a smaller version of Butchart right in the heart of Vancouver! I could just see myself there in a few years on a beautiful summer day, my wedding party surrounding in the lush gardens… though Mom and Dad seem to think this won’t take place for another 20 years.

Tomorrow we’re off to Seattle, perhaps to Pike Place Market or even the Space Needle! We’ll right more soon…

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