Useless stuff…

It’s a beautiful morning here today. Partly cloudy sky and a breeze. We are taking the ferry across to Vancouver in a little while. I expect we’ll be glad to have our jackets.

I woke up thinking about some of the differences between our Canadian cousins and us. If you’ve been up here before you’ll probably be able to add to my list.
• Locals often do use “Eh?” at the end of every sentence. Why? I don’t know. But they do, eh.
• People seem to be very friendly. Of course, this Bob would know because he has engaged everyone in conversation…well, except of course, the Customs Agent where I warned him that he was to only answer their questions.
• People walk everywhere…we have had to watch out for pedestrians on the road. I know, if you are not from the Phoenix area this might seem a pretty lame observation and yet who walks in Phoenix??? We’ve decided this is most likely due to the 40+ degree temperature difference. I too would walk more if I didn’t break into a sweat just stepping out the front door.
• Here’s another possible AZ observation…there seem to be a lot of smokers here. Can’t say I know why and it seems to contradict the healthy lifestyle of walking.
• Bring your wallet to Canada. It may be because we are in a tourist area but so far prices, especially for food are quite thinning. Last night we were told about a family restaurant that was really good but discovered on Friday nights they offered a “Frugal Friday” special of half off everything on their menu… you can’t imagine how long the line was. We ate at A&W.
• Homeless people are everywhere. And they don’t stoop to eating the wild berries along the roads. At least according to the park ranger we talked to.
• 80 means 50. Ah, that metric stuff again. They have signs posted just as you get off the ferry reminding us Americans that 80kph is the same as 50mph. The good thing is that Bob feels like he is driving faster when he sees the 80 or 90 signs.
• Speaking of metric, I think they took away the Imperial gallon here. Now it’s all listed in litres. Gas prices also seem to be set as there was no variance within the city. Last night we paid 102.7/l (a hundred and two cents plus 4tenths…what the heck is that?) You can figure out the actual price as compared to the US… I just told Bob to stop at $20…and the gauge did actually move.
• Canadian money is cool. The bills are colorful but more interesting are their $1 and $2 coins. They are called Loonies and Toonies. Yes, they do say this with a straight face.
Okay, it’s time for breakfast. Bob has already checked out the restaurant and found good things for Matthew so we’re off. Hope to see whales today.

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