A Time for Every Season

It’s time.

This morning I was mowing the lawn and as I worked around the swing set I realized, “It’s time.” Yes, I know, most of you thought we should have gotten rid of the swing set a long time ago. After all, Rebecca will soon be 18…

But a combination of memories and the fact that that it’s still usable sure make it hard. Today I’m reminded of Ecclesiastes chapter 3 (or more correctly, the Byrds version of it “To Everything There is a Season”.)

Our swing set has seen many changes over the years. Bob built it as just a simple swing when Matthew was small. It moved with us to this house and Bob added a slide when Rebecca was little. Then Rebecca thought she really needed a house so Bob added on and put a bigger slide off the side. What fun the kids had. Friends would come over and they would play for hours. Our crazy dog would climb up the ladder and use the platform as her higher view point while she protected the property.

But darned if those kids didn’t grow and outgrow their interest in it. So a few years ago we took the well worn (and quite wiggly) play house off reverting back to the original swing. It was still used some until Matthew decided that he really didn’t fit on the swings.

Bob didn’t think we (meaning he) were ready to take it down completely and instead decided a fresh coat of paint would help… But today it sits out in the far back yard…unused. And as I mow around it now we need to let go. Yes, it’s time.

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