It’s time for a break…

Funny how people always ask me what I do with my day–I guess they figure since I’m home I just sit around eating bon bons and watching soaps… Well, they figure wrong. Today was a typical example.

Got up this morning at 6. Generally we’re up with the sun–the bedroom window let’s us watch the sunrise every day. After Bob leaves for work it’s my time. Check my email, drink some more coffee, etc. By 7:30 it’s time to make a second pot of coffee, start a load of wash, clean the cat boxes, run the dishwasher and generally start making enough noise that those sleepy kids wake up.

Almost every day is scheduled with an engagement of one sort or another, including our mystery shops. We had an appointment at 9 this morning so no messing around. We are now guardians for Matthew since he is a special needs adult. With that comes the state making sure we are taking good care of him. Fortunately, his social workers have been good and aren’t too intrusive in our lives. But they come regularly to visit him; make sure he’s eating, taking a bath once a month (I’m kidding), and that he’s happy. Today we have a new person so everything takes longer…and you know me, I tend to blab. It’s not hard having them come but it is mentally a reminder that Matthew doesn’t have that “normal” life of others his age.

But we move on. Today Rebecca also has a doctor visit. To her chagrin, she still needs me to sign authorization papers and to talk to the doctors. Her appointment does not take long but the doctor needs to tell me something so I leave Matthew in the waiting room. I return 2 minutes later to find him showing the other patients his new Transformer comic book. Ack.

On the way home we run some errands and discover that it’s way past lunch. Matthew needs a gluten- (wheat and other grains) and lactose-free diet. We’ve been following this diet many years and it’s old hat now but in general meals take extra planning.

Lunch out of the way we decide it’s too late to do more wash. We changed our electricity plan last year (not by choice) and in the summer the more we can limit our use from noon to 7pm the lower our bill… or so they say. Anyway, wash gets done in the morning or before bed. Luckily, it’s “cool” to be green so we take advantage of the solar heat and hang that first load out to dry. Since it is summer and we are trying to slow the meter I start dinner in the crock pot.

Time for me to work on a new website design for the church. I’ve finally got the drop down menu figured out and today needed to change the code for the colors. I do like working with the code because eventually I can see the fruits of my labor. There are times when it seems like I work and work and don’t make any progress. But this is a good day. The colors are changed and I remembered to save the information before losing it. Actually, I am very excited about this new design. Bob is not so excited…he comes home to look at what I did all day and there it is…a half inch table with ten words…

Fortunately, I am waiting for the church to give the okay for this design and don’t want to spend too much time working on it until I hear from them. That’s good, because the clothes are already dry. As I take them off the line I also notice there are some spots in the grass that aren’t getting quite the water they need so I run the sprinklers around to each area.

What? It’s already 5? I was going to read some more about those drop down menus but not today. On my schedule for this week is to read a couple of the continuing education articles that I need to keep my license current. But I don’t think I’ll get to them today either.

Bob works long hours giving me time to sweep some of the dust bunnies that have collected on the stairs and in the corners before he gets home. We’re not quite European but do eat dinner later than his mom ever did. Every day at 5:00 supper was on the table. It’s more like 7 around here.

And then it’s time to look for something we might all be interested in watching on tv. No, wait, after 7 we can do more laundry… and it continues.

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