Afternoon Rain

I thought you’d enjoy this picture of Matthew very much disagreeing with me about walking to the edge of the cliff. And as you look a the second picture you can see why he was not so brave…it’s a long way down…

This morning we visited Canyon De Chelly. What a beautiful spot! It’s the kind of place you could stop and visit many times and still not see it all. But we did the quick drive tour today.

I didn’t realize that Chinle was really at the fork of two canyons. Where we stayed you could hike down to the bottom of the canyon…imagine hiking where these ancients lived hundreds of years ago. Lots of interesting history and amazing architecture here.

From the canyon we headed north up towards Monument Valley. This time we stopped at Kayenta.
Well actually we stopped there for a short visit and then moved on to Tuba City. As we headed back off the reservation I was again thinking about it’s unique beauty. With every corner that I turn I think about stopping to take a picture to share… It would be fun to travel more slowly and really soak in the beauty.

We ended up in Flagstaff just in time for an afternoon shower. Just the other day I was telling Rebecca about my summer school experience at NAU. I had a class that started at 1:00 each day. And each day promptly at 12:30 as I walked to class the summer shower would begin, reminding me that I needed my umbrella. But when class was out the showers were finished and there was a lovely fresh smell in the air. Flagstaff in the summer is one of my favorite places.

Tomorrow home…but more importantly to Matthew…to see the Transformer movie.

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