His Mysterious Ways

If you haven’t met me maybe you don’t know that I am, and have been for a very long time, a Christian. I tell you this because we subscribed to the well known Christian magazine “Guideposts” for years. Each month they would have an article titled “Mysterious Ways” about someone who had been touched by God’s hand to do something.

This happened recently to me.

A friend called Sunday very upset. Vandals had come through their neighborhood on Saturday night and, using a pipe or bat, beat in windshields on cars. She had been hit and now her car was undriveable.

My friend was frustrated because she would have to miss a day’s work to take care of the windshield which she could ill afford. But things went from bad to worse the next day when she discovered she had missed a payment to the insurance company so they denied her claim and cancelled her coverage. When I called to check on her that late that afternoon I could tell she was struggling. After we talked I phoned my husband. Bob always keeps a cool head and his common sense as well as work experience tends to give him amazing suggestions as well as contacts. When he got home he said he was sure the windshield could be replaced fairly reasonably but it might be a challenge to drive the car to one of the companies.

We decided my friend needed some moral support and Bob wanted to see if he might be able to drive the car so we drove over to her house. I looked in my cupboard and found my “rainy day” stash of $100 and stuck it in my pocket. By the time we got to my friend’s house it was nearly eight. Bob took a look at the windshield and then headed in the house asking for the phone book. Sitting down at the table he began leafing through it. While he was doing so, I visited with my friend and discovered that she had found a new insurance company that she could sign up with the next day but that the unexpected expense would pretty much tap her dry. She didn’t know what to do.

The next thing I knew Bob had pulled out his phone and was calling a company. “It’s 8:00,” I said. “Who can you reach at this hour?”

To my surprise someone answered the phone. They talked a few minutes and he hung up. “The company will send someone out tomorrow morning and replace your windshield at the house for $99.” I reached in my pocket. It was amazing. I had exactly enough.

My friend was so relieved. She would not miss another day’s work.

On the drive home Bob and I were talking about how we both had expected the windshield to cost much closer to $150 or $200. Then as we were nearing home it began to rain. My rainy day fund was being used on a rainy day.

What a coincidence. Or was it Providence?

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