Travel Day

Up early this morning to catch a ride to the airport. One of the strictest airports we have visited in the US is Raleigh. They seem to follow all the FAA rules to a T. Today there was a woman with a small child and some of those tiny juice boxes. The rules allow for babies and milk but apparently juice boxes are suspect… After I got my shoes back on they were still trying to decide whether or not to let the juice through. Of course, it would be okay for this mom to buy juice at an exorbitant price on the other side of the screeners.

But I promised more today than the usual flight information.

If you are reading this most likely you remember the Kool-Aid commercials where all the neighborhood kids would be out playing and one mom would pop out calling, “Who wants Kool-Aid?” Then all the kids would cheer and run to that house. Everyone wanted to have the cool “Kool-Aid” mom. Well, I think I saw her in action this weekend. All the kids want to go to the Weiss house. That’s where the fun is…even if Kathy isn’t offering Kool-Aid. But what we got to see during our visit was that it’s not only Kathy but also Mike who makes this a great family. I know Kathy has told me before that they rarely use a babysitter…if they can’t take the kids along they generally stay home. There is a lot of love in that house and they enjoy being a family. What a great home to grow up in.

7:00 pm AZ time: Home again, home again, jiggedy jig. After a long day flying we are again in our own home. Both cats were puffed up like blow fish when we walked in. It took them a half hour to remember who we are. I expect they will be racing around tonight after sleeping the past week. We are still on Eastern time so it’s off to baths and then to bed. Tomorrow will be soon enough to catch up with everything.

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