Day 7 of a Super Vacation!

Raleigh, NC almost 9pm EDT Last day of vacation. We were sad to say goodbye to the Weiss family. But the kids there still have school so they were up and off on the school bus early this morning. I have to tell you that they live less than a quarter mile from the school…maybe less than that. But PA law says that no kids can walk to school so the bus comes to pick them up for the two minute ride. While it seems pretty silly I am sure there are good safety reasons. I will write more about our action filled weekend in PA maybe tomorrow on the plane.

Anyway, back to our day. Today we decided to avoid the DC area and its traffic and come down the old road US 15. The good thing was that we were able to visit James Madison’s museum. I was right when I guess that he was our 4th president. We also learned that he and Monroe were good friends. It seems somewhere in my brain I also knew that he was cousin to Zachary Taylor…but apparently it maybe not so important file in my brain. Because Madison is known as the Father of the Constitution we picked up a copy of the constitution for a friend (who shall remain nameless) who has a bumper sticker on her car declaring we should “Legalize the Constitution.” One thing I realized while driving through this area is that we need to come back and spend time just visiting the presidential homes and museums. We were close to so many this week. Ah, another vacation to plan.

Today it rained almost all day. The only plus is that we were spending most of the day driving. I think we were lucky that the weather has been beautiful every other day during this trip. Taking the interior highway was really interesting. You can tell it followed the old road because every town was 10-20 miles apart…we figured that must be a day’s travel on horseback. Most of the road was two-lane which made it much slower than the interstate yet we probably drove 100 miles because it was a straight line. It was probably a wash in total time. We were able to see many plantations and other large farms mostly in Northern Virginia. The southern part of the state was much more rural and you might be surprised that there were lots of pine tree stands. Actually, we noticed how much “unfilled” space there is, even along the East Coast where we tend to thinks it’s just one giant city.

Rebecca’s Perspective… I’ve been deciding how much rain is a tolerable amount. Being born and raised an Arizonan, I’ve always found extra rain exciting, but a full day’s worth like today? That seemed like quite a lot to be a regular occurrence…

I’m starting to miss the Weiss family already! We managed to pack so much action into such a short time. If only I could travel a few thousand miles to babysit the “Weisslettes,” they are the some of the best children out there.

I’ve also been thinking about what the most exciting part of this trip has been, and after a bit of thought, I think it was the fact that I could spend the whole thing Out Side. It was wonderful! The weather has been beautiful (even with the driving rain today.) and I could even work on a tan 🙂 Definitely different from Arizona!

As Mom mentioned, we made it to James Madison’s museum, and ended up passing by Monticello. We took a little country highway that was often only two-laned… while we did seem to go a bit slower, we also saw a lot of country side.

Well, dearest readers, we are heading back to Phoenix mere hours from now. It has been fun blogging our vacation, hope you enjoyed!

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