Day 6 of a Super Vacation!

Day … Something.
Rebecca’s perspective… Memorial Day 9:00 pm Whoa! Action packed days, these were… We started off at the Weiss family church, St. John Lutheran, and were just in time for the service. We enjoyed a lovely day afterward; once lunch was had we headed to Gettysburg! The history was interesting, yet as every bit started to come to life, it became even more unbelievable. We came home from dinner, and while everyone was tired, no one was quite ready to stop socializing… as you might expect.

Today was wonderful as well. Daphne and her mom were in a Memorial Day Parade as representative Girl Scouts, which was very exciting for us all. The short parade was filled with regional charm. We all enjoyed going out on a pontoon boat on a nearby lake for a few hours before returning for a barbecue! You wouldn’t believe the steak, it was great. Neighbors were met, as well as their cows. The nearest neighbors raised cattle and had a few John Deere tractors, and both Matthew and Dad were pretty jealous. The next thing we did was set off bunches of fireworks! I realize now why they’re illegal in Arizona…. They would probably set the whole desert on fire by just setting off one.

Our visit comes to a close… we’re leaving tomorrow for Raleigh and for Phoenix early Wednesday morning…

We packed a lot in our time with the Weiss family. There is so much to see and do here. And what beautiful weather! I told Bob that we will not like returning to the heat of the desert Wednesday. But tomorrow we will go back to NC–I am thinking we might be able to stop at at least one president’s home on the way.

There are many tales to tell (Kathy is spilling family secrets as I write) but they will have to wait at least one more day.

One thought on “Day 6 of a Super Vacation!

  1. I LOVE this picture of you two! THe kids miss you and so do I!!! Mark and Brad really want to spend more time with Matthew- they have not stopped talking about your visit!

    Safe trip home- come agian anytime! YOu were a big hit in our ‘hood. My peeps think you ROKC!

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