Day 4 of a Super Vacation!

5:51 EST (Rebecca’s perspective) Jet lag must be catching up to me. We’re in Raleigh, a mere hour away from picking up my dad at the airport, but only 15 minutes of travel time. We spent most of the day driving around, first to Raleigh to see my older cousin Josh, and after to rid ourselves of errands before picking up my dad. There is a gluten free bakery here done by Whole Foods, so after lunch that was the first of our stops. Would you believe, we found gluten free cupcakes?! Trust me, Mom and Matthew were beyond excited. As was I. Which means I need to eat one soon so they don’t disappear on me… After a few more stops, we had extra time and decided to find a local library, in hopes of wasting time with free wifi. My GPS led us up and down small roads and through neighborhoods (I’ve found that the larger houses in Morehead City were a bit ostentatious… there are some other, less grandiose mansions in Raleigh in which I may reside) We didn’t ever find the supposed library, but we did walk around the block, admiring many magnolia trees and old houses. Still suffering from multiple sun burns and jet lag, the three of us are quite tired and ready for a siesta. But alas, traveling awaits us… Mom would like to make it past Washington DC tonight, a mere 266 miles away. We’ll see where we end up!

Sat PM…not as late as it seems… Had a great lunch with my sister and BOTH her boys. She smartly recommended we all drive up early to Raleigh and catch up with Josh. She was going to give him reprieve from the summer session and a ride home for the holiday weekend.

We ended up with just a short time before Bob’s flight. I thought we might find a library or park to visit while we waited so we followed the gps instructions down through Raleigh. That’s where I almost made a major faux pas… “There’s a nice park,” I pointed to Rebecca. We slowed down at the gated entrance.
“How beautiful,” she agreed. “Let’s go there.” I was just about to turn in when she spotted the house (no really it was a mansion). Yikes, we were about to run around in somebody’s front yard! So we didn’t quite find a park…but we did find McDonald’s which served us just fine.

Bob’s flight was even a few minutes early so we got off to a good start. He hopped in the car and we are now on our way to see those crazy Weiss people. I am not sure where we are tonight. An Econolodge somewhere… All I know is Bob saw the sign that said “Free Breakfast!” and here we are. Tomorrow should be a very eventful day. We are very excited to see our friends.

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