Day 3 of a Super Vacation

Day 3in MHC (as the locals call it). We have heard that the weather in Phoenix is almost as nice as it is here. Maybe so, but here they do have the beautiful ocean. We spent time at the beach yesterday. It is so relaxing. Maybe it’s the sound of the never ending waves crashing on the shore. Maybe it’s the fresh breeze that constantly blows or the exercise that you get without realizing it walking along the shore. Whatever it was we all slept well last night.

Today my sister took us out on their boat to a small sand bar that they call Sand Dollar Island. It’s not really an island since it covers completely at high tide. But we were there just at low tide and stayed until the island almost disappeared. On the way we saw a dolphin playing in the water (I think spotting a dolphin means good luck). We found lots of sand dollars and a good variety of shells. Rebecca and cousin Jacob put some effort into dissecting a dead giant jellyfish. The body was the texture of a stale gummy bear. Matthew did amazingly well. I was worried he would be afraid to get into the boat and especially didn’t know if he would jump out of it at the beach. But he did and he had fun. He didn’t get in to the water right away but gradually was more brave. He did have his limits how far away from the “shore” he would go. I’ll not have to worry about him going in to water that is too deep. I have to say that the sun really snuck up on us today. We are all burned. I told Matthew that he should leave his shirt off and let his white stomach get some color…now he has a pink tummy…

But I think the more important story today is about my sister. I have Bob to do all the “manly” things around the house. My sister is a single mom and does whatever needs to be done;today it included hooking up the trailer, driving it down the road and backing it up at the ramp (straight, I might add) just far enough to float the boat. Then, after the rest of us clamber in she drives the boat out to sea. She is teaching my nephew how to drive the boat and all the “rules of the road”, stay between the channel markers, watch for the sand bars, remember the sail boat has right of way and more. It was really amazing watching her resolve, determination and knowledge. In two weeks she and her younger son are coming to AZ and will hike down the Havasaupai trail. Her strength is admirable.

Rebecca’s perspective: Good Ness, it’s 8:47 PM our time, who knew I’d be so tired by now! What a great day; first waking up, I realized immediately how wonderful the day was going to be. Beautiful weather with cheerful moods all around, we got my cousin Jacob out of school (No worries; his class was watching a movie, and he wasn’t about to miss anything productive.) and loaded up the boat to head to Sand Dollar Island! My Aunt Linda and cousin are really good at loading/unloading the boat and driving it around… I wasn’t sure if I should trust my 14 year old cousin’s steering the boat, but he seemed to do pretty well. All but my aunt managed to get sunburned, but let’s hope it turns into a tan soon. We spent hours out in the sun relaxing while searching for sand dollars, unique seashells, and anything else that suited our fancy. Mom and I found a few dead jellyfish, one of which Jacob and I dissected with a shell! (NOTE: No Live Animals Were Killed During the Making of this Blog) His mantle was hard and thick, like the consistency of very thick Jello. We both scooped chunks out, only to find that the insides were watery, nothing exciting.

Mom, Matthew and I did a little exploring yesterday around my aunt’s community. There are some beautiful houses looking out to the ocean, most three stories with many guest rooms! When I become a doctor, I’ll let y’all know where I reside; if I choose the South, there’ll be plenty o’ room for visitors. Y’all come visit for sweet tea, ya hear? 😀

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