What Matthew Sees

Life with an autistic person is always interesting. You probably know Matthew is non-verbal. He’ll say a few words: Yes, No (generally NO), and he will somewhat answer your questions. But it’s hard to know what he is thinking. Just the other day he appeared holding a small tubular container that held some icy blue beads. The beads had been used for a project last year and long since forgotten. But that day, to Matthew, the container meant something. I have not yet figured it out… my guess right now is it’s something to do with Star Wars.
Last year Matthew came out with an old computer piece. It was a deal that you plug your memory card in and it would run something. It had no use to me so I didn’t mind Matthew messing with it. But I couldn’t figure out what he was doing. He would show it to me and hold it by the cord and I would guess… But I guessed wrong each time. Until one day I spotted him on the patio and he set the doodad down and stepped on it. He did it again, very purposefully and I finally figured it out. Remember the Ghost Busters ghost catcher? That’s what he was doing. He was catching ghosts with this thing.
I’ve notice the same thing with pictures. We have a photo of Matthew playing and off to the side (barely visible) are some videos. He loves that picture… Why? Well, if you knew what to look for you’d see that one of the videos is Bill Nye (one of Matthew’s favorite tv guys). There is another picture of Matthew that he likes to show people. But…don’t look at the fact that it’s Matthew in the picture, or even that he is dressed in his western gear. No, you are supposed to see that his jacket has stars on it–just like the Texas Rangers and his buddy Walker.
So today I’m sharing some pictures Matthew took. What was he looking at when he took the picture? Your guess is probably as good as mine.
And you can help me guess the meaning of that bead tube.


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