Finding a Job

A couple of things jumped out at me this week.

As unemployment figures continue to rise it’s getting tough to find a job. On the radio I was reminded of a woman who, in February, asked President Obama for help finding a job and a home. (You can read about her at There is no doubt this woman is in dire straits and I feel for her, but she said one thing that really caught my attention. She said that she had been going to the Unemployment Office once a week yet they hadn’t found her a job. I got the impression that this woman, like so many others, really do expect the government to find (and supply) them with jobs, homes, etc. Is this new government going to create “make work” jobs like the CCC of the depression?

I have about a young friend who is seriously searching for a job and hoping to return to college in the fall. This week she was filling out some sort of psych evaluation for a position and asked my opinion on two questions. The first was a true/false question: It is not my job to make sure a person is satisfied with the place of employment. She asked, as I did, “What the heck does this mean? Are they talking about a co-worker or a customer?” The second question was another true/false: I do not have to work overtime even if I have agreed that I am available. Well, talk about a rock and a hard place. Is the question talking about ethics or law? Maybe you see the right answer… I’m not sure I do. I feel for this gal but I also admire her. Instead of waiting for the government to find her a job she is filling out applications and stomping the streets.

If you are among the many out looking for a job I wish you luck. It’s a challenging time.

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