Things I learned this week…

If you or someone you know needs to have knee replacement surgery be sure to investigate “minimally invasive” version. This is what mom had last Monday afternoon. Saturday she was able to use the walker and maneuver through a gluten free fair we attended. This morning we looked back at her calendar for last year’s other knee surgery. At one week she was barely using the walker. We can remember the details well because she attended Rebecca’s graduation in a wheelchair and it was an exhausting challenge just to be there. This surgery recovery seems to be much easier on her. (No doubt we all agree that just knowing what the surgery was like makes us more experienced…but still it does seem a lot smoother.)

Second thing I learned…WOW! There are a lot more gluten free items available. Here I thought I was up to date on these things. We each came home from the fair with bags of samples. I also discovered that Cookies From Home has some delicious gf cookies. (Or as Rebecca said, “These taste just like yours mom.”) I know, gluten free is the “hot button” word for the year. All I know is, it makes my life easier.

Third thing… Good grief… I have to admit that I like Joan Rivers. Never been much a fan for her type of humor. But she has been on the Celebrity Apprentice show. Never been much for that show either but these guys are raising money for their charities, not for themselves, and I got hooked. Each week there is great drama and lots of yelling at each other as the celebrities “try” to work together as a team. But mostly I have gained a new respect for Joan Rivers. Here she is 76 and out there working each episode at their task. Just watching it tires me. Will I watch her on that red carpet preview? Probably not. But I am enjoying her very personal side on this show.

Tomorrow Matthew and I are off in stealth mode to Flagstaff. If you see the silver bullet zoom past you on I17 it might be us.

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