Hospitals & My Mom

Got to spend yesterday in a new hospital. What a difference between it and those downtown that are 50 years old at the core. The rooms are beautiful and large with a nice big flat screen TV. There’s a computer within each room networked for the nursing staff for updates.
Mom had her second knee replacement. This doc used a less invasive procedure and expects she will be able to come home later today or tomorrow. He, too, used computers and was able to pinpoint the cutting area based on computer graphics. Too cool.
One other thing that really did impress me was that they were able to save the blood from the surgery, filter it and return it to mom. She got a whole unit (500ml), the nurse said some people get as much as two units. Of course the benefit of not losing all that blood is obvious for a quicker recovery.
So we’re off in a few minutes to go see how she’s doing. I really expect they will keep her one more day–after all she didn’t get to her room until nearly 5 yesterday. But…I could be wrong. We’re ready for whatever the doctor says.


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