Staples :)

People are always quick to complain when poor service is given. I believe we should applaud good service. Yes, I did this even before becoming a Mystery Shopper.
So, today I had to visit Staples. I went in last week and bought a memory chip for my computer. Unfortunately, I picked up the wrong one. But worse…I lost my receipt. Sheesh, would I be stuck with something that didn’t fit any of our computers??? Anyway, we went back this morning. The gal was very pleasant, “Sure, go ahead and get the right memory stick and I’ll exchange it.” When I discovered they were out of the correct one she then offered to do a return. In this day and age when no one returns anything unless you have your receipt plus three forms of ID I was surprised. In no time we walked out of the store with a cash card.
As they say on the commercials, “That was EASY.” Kudos to Staples.


2 thoughts on “Staples :)

  1. How long have you been a Mystery shopper? How cool is that for YOU!! I wnanna do it Iwanna do it!!!So glad that theRose is Ramblin’ agian!!Annoying Alice ( my middle name is Alice!!)

  2. Dear Annoying Alice, well…if I told you I’d have to kill you… but now you’ll be able to smile knowingly when I mention that Matthew and I are out in stealth mode…

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